Requests, if possible, should be sent directly by the interested visitor/s.  If the person submitting the request is not the actual visitor, he or she should send the visitor(s) name(s) and e-mail address(es).  This will allow the Excavations Office to replay back to the person requesting the visit and to the visitor with specific information about the visit granted. 


Those leading groups (universities, parishes, cultural associations, agencies, and other groups) should send a complete list of names of the  participants and the name of their organization


There are no set deadlines for submitting requests.  All requests, even urgent ones, will be fulfilled depending on the places left available at the closest date to the one requested.


Requests may be submitted in written form by fax +39 06 69873017, or by visiting the Excavations Office in person (using the south [left] entrance, just outside of the Colonnade).


It is absolutely necessary to provide the following information:


1.  Exact number of participants;
2.  Names of participants;
3.  Language requested;
4.  Possible dates *when the Excavations Office can assign your visit (the time will be determined by the Office). *please always write in full the name of the month (e.g.:  from 01 January 2013 to 08 January 2013)
5.  E-mail address, or fax number, or a complete postal address.